40 Small Business Ideas with low investment

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small business ideas

Small Business Ideas – Today we find several young & dynamic individuals who aspire to start small business and they are always looking for business ideas with low investment.  In order to help them we are herewith 40 small business ideas with low investment. If you are doing a job and looking for part time opportunity to make more money you may go through our one of the most visited article best business ideas for making more money.

Here are 40 small business ideas with low investment that we recommend.

40 Small Business Ideas with low investment

1. Personalized & Custom made Gift Store – Today we find demand for personalized  & custom made gift is increasing you may think of starting your own gift store providing this type of gifts. This one of the good creative small business ideas.

2. Gym or Fitness center – In today’s world everyone is bother about fitness, so starting small gym or fitness center in a good area will always rock.

3. Event Organizer – Starting small company which organizes event could be a good idea but here you may need special expertise and manpower for the same. This is one of the good small business ideas with low investment and high profits.

 4. Interior Designer – Everyone today wants services from an interior decorator, so starting an interior design business could be the best deal but remember here you may need special skills. This is one among the sure shot small business ideas.

5. Small Grocery Shop – Starting small grocery shop is another good idea where you do not require any special skill and you may start a small shop and gradually expand as per need. This is small business ideas for beginners.

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6. Match Making or Wedding planner – 

It is said that marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth  So in order to celebrate/enjoy marriage many people today go for a wedding planner. In today’s scenario match making or wedding planner is a good business option to start with.

7. Tuition Class – Education is essential today hence business of education will never stop. Starting Tuition class is a good small business ideas to start with.

8. Mobile Shop – Today everyone uses mobile and looking at need mobile demand is ever increasing hence starting small mobile shop is good Investment idea.

9. Ice-cream Parlor – Starting ice cream parlor is another good business idea to start with.

10. Xerox & Book Binding – Many college areas and school area don’t have this facility and could be a good potential business in that area.

11. Mobile Food Shop – Today we are living in mobile generation starting mobile food shop is a very good business idea.

12. Jewelry maker – With increasing gold price demand for jewelry is ever increasing doing course of jewelry making and starting something in that line could be a good option.

13. Insurance Consultant – Starting small insurance consultancy or taking insurance agency is another good business idea. This business can be started from anywhere, it is one of the good home based small business ideas. One of the best small ideas for men.

14. Freelancer – If you are good at programming there are multiple websites available which can give you freelancing work and you will be paid for the same.

15. Book Store –Book lover always purchase multiple books making an idea of starting bookstore attractive.

16. Catering service – For marriage and party people always look for good catering service if you are good at providing good food and catering service this could be another good small business ideas.

17. Computer Trainer – If you are good at providing computer training this could be a good business idea as knowing a computer is must in today’s world.

18. Yoga Center – In today’s stressful life many people prefer to go for Yoga, so starting yoga center will be a good business option.

19. Baby Sitting Services – This business idea is specifically for the woman who wants to start some home-based business.  Many working couples may be in need to service like this.

20. Real Estate Consultant – Real estate is ever growing business so starting consultancy for providing guidance about real estate and buy, sell and rent option is a good business option.

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21. Game Parlor – Today’s generation likes play station & game station very much hence starting game parlor with a certain unique game is the best business idea.

22. Photographer – If you are good at photography you can start a photography business with low-cost investment.

23. Motivational Speaker – If you have a skill you can become a motivational speaker and turn this into good business opportunity.

24. Travel Agency – Starting travel agency is a small scale business ideas with low investment.

25. Computer Shop – If you have IT-related knowledge than starting computer shop for sealing IT related item or computer is a good business opportunity.

26. Relaxation Center – In today’s stressful life relaxation is must and people always look for the option of recreation center or relaxation center hence starting relaxation center is a good business option.

27. Courier Company – You can do a tie-up with existing Courier Company and start a small business or maybe you can opt to start your own courier company.

28. Resale Auto Dealer – Many people have requirement of selling old car or bike you may opt to become a good auto dealer. It is very good small business ideas with low investment.

29. Recruitment Firm – Today job is a prime requirement for anyone and people usually opt for a recruitment firm to get a good job. Starting recruitment firm could be a good business option for you.

30. Security or Spy Agency – With growing security need you can start your own security agency another good option is to work as a spy.

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31. Advertisement Agency – Starting Advertisement agency is one of the evergreen business opportunity which can earn you big money.

32. Web Designing & hosting- If you have knowledge about various IT tools and programming language you can opt for a career as web designer firm.

33. Starting online Blog – If you are good at content generation and had good knowledge about any field you can start your online blog and earn good money. This is one of the best home based small business ideas.

34. Antique Article Shop – Today many people believe that keeping antique statues and article at home is fashion symbol, so Opening Antique article shop is a good business option as

35. Fast Food Parlor – Today’s generation mostly eat fast food, starting fast food parlor could be another business option. It is one of the top small business ideas in India.

36. Data Entry services – Many companies today earn money by doing data entry work you may start providing service like this.

37. Resume Writer – If you are good at designing resume and had a deep knowledge you can become resume writer.

38. SEO Consultant – Search Engine optimization consultant is required by mostly all websites. If you can build up capability you can become good SEO consultant.

39. Dairy & Sweet Parlor – You can think of starting small dairy parlor in your area serving a need for dairy products and sweets.

40. Packers & Movers – You can think of starting a business of packing and forwarding which can turn in to good business opportunity.

40 Small Business Ideas with low Investment

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  1. Uday Bhanu Bhargava says:

    Hi Sir/ Madam
    I am a 50 years old Ex servicemen from Indian Air Force. I am presently unemployed and want to have some ideas for starting some business. I do not have much amont to spend money in buying or renting some shop. I had worked in an Aircraft maintenance engineering college for around 4 yrs a faculty member. the college where I was employed is closed and I am in the need to have some administrative job or some business oppotunity.

    • Yash says:

      Starting a business is not like playing video game. Many factors make business successful as we see many business turn into disasters may be due to lack of knowledge, plan and wrong idea selection.

      Secondly, you have probably heard the expression that “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. The reason it happens is because the rich focus on a completely different way of earning money. Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Bill Gates, were not born into riches. Yet over their lifetimes they’ve amassed huge personal fortunes. This is because they understand and use the power of leverage through residual income.

      There are thousands of stories about people with no money or less money, who accumulated great riches and this choice is available to all of us to earn and make honest and legal money and create residual income for us and for our generation as well.

      I can introduce you with a successful proven system, which is basically a kind of franchise business. This business idea is “the most talked about but least understood career in India so far but now becoming popular day by day as it could be started with a very low investment and is absolutely a risk free.

      I want to assure you, l if you execute this business idea correctly, you will see massive success. There are many Ex Air force personnel enjoying the best of this opportunity. But one needs to have a real fire and zeal to explore this opportunity.

      I am quite successful in this business and can introduce you with this powerful and successful proven system. I cannot guaranty but I hope you may like it, decision is yours.

      Please feel free to call me at 9818850405.

    • Akhil says:

      Greeting every one,
      I am back from USA. hv earn some mny to live some peaceful in INDIA. I do have 5000000 with am ready to start any business but i need a working partner. All of my friends like be a sleeping partner but i need working partner no need to invest any thing but need only honest guy.
      Pls give me ur contacts along with Email vl contact you soon.

      Thank you,

      • tushar says:

        hello sir…I m interested to start my own business in construction…..as a contractor I ve got lot of experience in this field ..but I ve not got more money to start my own business so I glad to work with contact u.. thanks

      • Chetan R Sayata says:

        I m 34 Years looking for good business,if u r intrested pls contact me

      • ranganath b t says:

        contact me on my mail id i can join u i also have some contribution and many ideas with limited budzet lets have a talk

      • Manoj Krishna says:

        my contact no is 09908234509

      • yashpal saran says:

        Dear sir i am interested, you can fully faith on me and my work. i have work in any situation, any time, any condition with loyal and faithfully. i have no money. Please give me a chance. yashmaill@gmail.com. 09929186600

      • Rohit says:

        My Name is ROHIT Kr . I am pursuing MBA I am quite innovative and love to work with people who are very loyal with their work .I am very much sure that I could be one of those would love to work with honesty and full efficiency ,and dedication only u need to give an opportunity. If possible u can mail me .
        May I can fit as per ur desire .

      • Akshay Bhinge says:

        I am interested. I am an engineering Graduate and I have done MMS in Marketing from Mumbai University. I am having an experience of 10 yrs in Bussiness development and Marketing.

        I will give you all details once i get your no. and other details.

        I have few business plans ready with me.

        Thanks & Regards,

        Akshay Bhinge
        M: 8080514424

      • Anirban Choudhury says:

        yes, i can be one of them whom u can rely and depend. bcoz due to financial scarcity i am unable to do lot of things but if i can get some finance then really i can explore and if given me an opportunity i can prove myself.

      • Amit says:

        Hi, i’m working in a private company, want to do own business but i dont have money, so i would request you to please let me know if i can do anything for you.

        • Anirban Choudhury says:

          yes, amit i can be your working partner, if u can make me understand what type of work i can do my best. now i am in guwahati, assam (india) and running as an internet service provider in guwahati. so i can assure you best of service on my part. so u can think about me. my contact no. is 8474859703.

      • tausif reza says:

        Dear sir,

        If u really want a guy who can fulfill all your desires and eligibilty criterion for being a partner, please contact me, i am a man with good team and personally am a smart and hard worker.

      • mehul says:

        hi i hv a great bussiness idea i m sure it wil be success 100%.i m ready to work with u.my no-9665557443.

      • Rahul Saha says:

        i am from kolkata.am mba passed student,having quite eperience in professional sector.now want to do own business.need an investor who will work as partner.if interested then call me on- 08001234444

      • ashutosh rout says:

        Dear akhil .
        m ashutosh rout .age-24,m also planning to start a fresh business though my father has a well established business in real estate and agriculture sector .i can invest arround 20,00,000.00 .and ll help you as active working partner .apart from that m an engineering graduate (aeronautical) .have 2yr exp of aircraft maintainance in nepal airlines which is no use ofcourse.but i felt to tell you that it ll make a good impression .mail me you business plan or discuss with me…..what you hv in ur mind .my mail id is ashutoshrout09@gmail.com .looking forrwd to you .

      • Srinivasan says:

        please tell you location,
        i am chennai

      • Jitendra says:

        Dear sir i am interested,

      • Abhai says:

        Better You fix the business for which you are wishing to invest.You can make a research on net for that, and after that you try to get some suitable partner for the Business.
        All the best Sir.

      • jayant says:

        can u pls. send me the details of your business and in which city r u located ?

      • Rahul Mitra says:

        Hello Sir, I am eager to start an IT company, It can reach us higher. Please contact to mitrarahul650@gmail.com

        Thank You

      • L H Metei says:

        Pl inform me your field of interest in the business as i need to check on my mind to find the matching for the senses of honesty n responsibility are lready intact.
        With regards
        L H Meitei

      • Devendra says:

        Hi Akhil

        I would like to know more bout your business plans/stream of business and current location.
        Please revert on my mail : devd2783@gmail.com


      • dineshkumar s says:

        hi sir, i have read ur information for business if ur interested in starting ur business in tamilnadu then pl let me know i will be ur working partner ,now am currently working in planning department in a well versed mnc…waiting for ur reply….

      • akanksha says:

        hi i also want to do somethng diffrent in my life i have an idea but dnt have any money to investing so i m also loking for partner to investing them

        • ashok sharma says:

          you can share me your business idea i would like to do
          ashok 9899364544

        • sundeep reddy says:

          hello, My name is sundeep. I have a good business Idea, If you think you are interested then please e-mail to this (sundeepreddy65@gmail.com). I am looking for a good person with qualities like honest / faith / responsible / Dynamic / hard working. we will talk and decide on mutual understanding.

          Thank you..!

      • puneet kaushal says:

        i am ready to invest with you. do u have any business idea in your mind? kindly mail me or feel free to call at 09996250074

      • munna kumar singh says:

        Respected sir now i am completed B.Tech in Civil Engineering,But i am interested to do some business but due to lack of money i cant do that.I am happy to work with you.

      • tanmoy says:

        Hi akhil.. have you found your working partner? In case you havent drop a mail to aerotanmoy@yahoo.com I have an idea for ecommerce..

      • vijay kumar says:

        Hi Akhil

        My name is vijay currently unemploye having computer knowledge & Graduate want to become partner with you . i am a hardworker has been worked with bank & many of cellphone companies now want to do only own work. so if you got msg im ready to start wid you any kind of hard work

      • Narendra biswal says:

        Why dont you invest in Greenhouse Agriculture ? There is 30% of investment and rest 70% is Govt funded subsidies. This gives a very high return with chemical free fruits and vegetables.

      • kiran says:

        Hi Akhil, I m interested to doing business with you but I need to know what business idea you have ? please mail me kiran.dhole@yahoo.com

    • chandramohan says:

      sir i help you , as well as you are free no ok you have some amount to get without investment. pls condact chandramohan 9638816091

    • Gautam says:

      Dear Sir,

      We have a good module of business opportunity for your interest in self business as we have read that you are also from Education field work as faculty, so there is very good scope to run your own brand name Pre School with very low investment and higher returns stat from very 1st Year.

      Why Pre School???
      With the boom in the Indian education sector, more and more people are venturing into starting schools at different levels. It is now profitable to open a Pre School, because of the growing need for pre-nursery schools. This especially applies to urban areas, where working parents find it difficult to devote their full time to their growing children.

      Benefits of Play School:
      Pre School** Education and Education up to higher secondary school or equivalent covered under Nagative List of Service Tax u/s 66D. So All you received are totally exempt from Service Tax whether Admission Fees, Annual Fees, Sales of Books & uniforms etc
      NO Need to register under Shop & Establishment Act to Run Pre School
      No Need to register under EPF & ESI ACT upto 20 employees
      Run at Residential Area
      **Pre-school education may include crèche, day nursery, pre-K, pre-kindergarten, nursery school, day care Centre, play group, play school, reception class, etc. All these types of education are not liable for service tax by virtue of negative list

      Areas where Insight Management Solutions lend a hand for setting up preschools

      1. School Infrastructure& Layout development
      2. Curriculum Planning
      3. Human Resource
      4. Administration
      5. Teachers Training
      6. School Uniform
      7. Procurement of school material (furniture & Play equipment) & other resource
      8. School Security
      9. Books
      10. Orientation Programs
      11. Financials
      12. Marketing

      Benefits to be our partner

      No Royalty.
      No Lock in period.
      Your school with your brand name.
      All supports under one roof.
      Associates are totally free to decide the area of involvement of IMS to develop the project.(There is no compulsion to buy the entire package you can make your own).
      One time consultation fees.
      Years of experience in the field.

      Contact: 8699007069, 8054147069

  2. rakesh says:


  3. vijay says:

    Hi, I am planning to start a two wheeler spare parts shop in Tamil Nadu, One hour distance from Madurai. I want to know if anyone can give me an idea about how to start this business, and how much would be the investment and where to get all the good quality parts from. I am planning for a small shop, will be managed by two persons. Thanks

  4. rashmi says:

    Hi, this is Rashmi. I am an engineer. I have no idea of starting a business but vry egar to start a small scale business. please suggest some ideas to start a low investment business

  5. shreya says:

    For latest Business and Job opportunities logon to http://ease2ad.com

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