10 Must Read Jokes on Finance

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We have discussed many things on our blog today it is time to spread some humor so we are herewith 10 must read jokes on finance.

Jokes on Inflation:-

Joke -1 

For the first time in the history of mankind “Need”, “Comfort” and “Luxury” are sold at same price in India.

Onion – Rs. 75/-

Petrol – Rs. 75/-

Beer –Rs. 75/-

Joke -2

Oh my GOD

  • G for Gold
  • O for Onion
  • D for Dollar

Joke -3

As onion price are increasing soon Mannapurram will launch Mannapurram Onion Loan..

Slogan will be “Mannapurram Onion Loan” Jab Ghar me pada ho Kanda fir kaheka wandha

Joke -4

A Kid to God:

Dollar Increased to Rs. 62.. Petrol to Rs. 75 Milk to Rs.50..and Onion to Rs.75 again….

Thank God, Passing marks are still 35. 🙂

Joke- 5

1 Dollar  = 62 Rs/-

1 Euro = 85 Rs/-

Looks like DOLLAR and EURO are taking revenge on India for naming underwear brands on their names 🙂

Joke -6

Do you know why there is no underwear brand with name of Rupee………  Kyonke…..

Pata Nahi Kab Gir Jaaye….:)

Joke -7

Petrol Loans Available Here

petrol loan

petrol loan

Jokes on Current Economic Condition:-

Joke -8

Finance minister doesn’t know what went wrong with Rupee!

Agriculture minister doesn’t know what went wrong with Onion!

External Affair minister doesn’t know what went wrong in submarine !

Prime Minister doesn’t know what went wrong with all of above..!  J

On tax

Joke -9

After a man pays his income tax, he knows how a cow feels after she’s been milked.


In India everything we have is taxed – even our patience.

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